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Are you frustrated and fed-up with your jammed or broken door?

Sliding Door Repairs Sydney can get your door back on track and restore your peace of mind.

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your family?

Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get your jammed or broken door repaired promptly and effectively.

We have been involved in the building industry for 25+ years, working extensively with timber and aluminium doors.

We have always experienced a high volume of demand for:

  • Repairs to aluminium sliding doors
  • Front entrance sliding doors
  • Patio sliding doors

Because installation of this type of door in homes, factories and offices is increasing rapidly over time, we have catered to this niche of repair. Bottom line is all moving parts deteriorate over time. We are here with the decades of experience to fix these issues.

25 years of sliding door repairs in Sydney

Since 1980, we have received innumerable enquiries about repairs to aluminium sliding doors and consequently, we have developed the highest quality expertise in these repairs. In addition, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in repairs to all the different designs and styles that can be found in the Sydney area.

At first glance, replacing sliding door rollers appears to be a straightforward procedure. However, due to our long involvement in the industry, we appreciate the complexity in carrying out repairs to sliding doors. Old doors  are always affected by age, position, treatment, design and of course, the quality of the work done during the initial installation as well as their maintenance history.

Have you ever tried to fix a sliding door yourself?

For the inexperienced and novice handyman, the pitfalls in sliding door repairs are many and varied. Timber can rot and aluminium may corrode – potentially preventing an effective repair. However, with older doors, our technicians position a belt around the top and bottom of the door before removal from the frame. Since the corners of the door could be weakened and may collapse – resulting in the glass breaking, this ensures that the sides do not come away from the glass.

Often the fasteners that hold the sides of the aluminium door to the top and bottom plates, may be broken. This can result in the door collapsing and the glass breaking when the door is removed from the frame. In our experience, we have found that these crucial fasteners have usually been broken by someone who has worked on the door, previously. Essentially, the fastener was probably corroded inside the door itself.

We have seen every sliding door repair issue across all the major door brands

The good news is that we have a comprehensive understanding and experience of problems like this and we are the company which is best positioned to predict the outcomes of your sliding door repair.

Our experience tells us that our clients want a repair to their sliding door which would last for up to 10 years (depending on the daily usage and also, the number of children and pets going in and out of the house). We aim to achieve the highest quality repair to your sliding door.

It isn’t just about replacing the rollers

It is worth noting that sometimes, replacing the rollers is not sufficient for an effective sliding door repair.

In some cases, especially with older doors, the track may need to be repaired. Of course, this may cost a little more but the result is that the door will glide like new. This new track will add considerably, to the life of the rollers and consequently, to the lifespan of the door.

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