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What are the most common types of door repairs carried out by
Although specialises in repairs to aluminium and glass sliding doors, we frequently undertake repairs to wooden sliding doors, cavity sliding doors and wardrobe sliding doors. While most sliding doors can be repaired, door closers generally require replacement.

My door is jamming constantly. Is it possible to repair the door in this situation, or should I have it replaced?
Because we are specialists in door repairs with 25 years of experience, our trained technicians can usually carry out a simple repair job within a few hours and save you thousands of dollars. We machine and provide a new sliding door track and put in brand new, heavy-duty sliding door rollers. However, occasionally the door has to be replaced due to severe corrosion or rot. We attend to both domestic and commercial repairs.

Are door repairs a lengthy process?
Generally, a typical sliding door repair takes only a few hours. If the door closer is the problem, we usually take around half an hour to replace it in a unit or flat. Commercial door closers require up to about 4 hours for a replacement.

I consider myself a bit of a home handyman. Should I attempt to repair the door myself or am I better off calling a tradesman?
Technicians from have often been called out to repair doors where the handyman has done more harm than good to the door. All door repairs are best undertaken by trained and experienced professionals. is constantly updating and improving its door repair techniques for the most effective and economical repair.

My aluminium sliding door is not locking securely. I’m worried for my family’s safety because the door does not align with the lock when we close it. Is this type of repair possible?
That’s no problem for One of our technicians can remove the door, carry out the repair and then reinstall the door so that it aligns correctly with the lock and gives you the security it was designed for.

I have an emergency. I can’t lock my door and it does not close properly. The lock appears to be loose and I need security as soon as possible. Can help me with a repair or should I just get the door replaced?
In the case of a hinged, timber door, the best course of action is to remove the door, and plane the hinge side of the door, not the lock side. This simple trim and adjustment allow us to refit the door effectively. If it is an aluminium door, we can remove the door and trim the top and bottom. However, if the lock is faulty you should call your local locksmith. We are pleased to advise the best form of repair over the phone in this situation.

Changes in the weather seem to affect our front door. When we open or close it, especially in wet weather, it sticks and jams. Can help?
Changes in the weather often have an effect on the foundations of your home. The foundations may move slightly, causing the door frame to move. This is often the reason that doors get jammed inside the frame and affect the operation of the door.

Moisture in the clay can cause it to expand. Dry weather contracts the clay and the foundations may sink. This is a very common situation in the Sydney area. will remove the door, adjust it and then reinstall the lock so your door operates properly.

We have an occupational, health and safety issue with our office door. We’re worried that, because the top hinge is coming away from the frame, there is the possibility that it may fall on one of our staff and cause a serious injury. Can you attend to this type of emergency door repair? can assist with this very common problem. You’re right that there is the danger of the door collapsing when the top hinge comes loose on the metal frame and fractures the frame around the hinge leaf. Usually, the door hits the frame or the floor when it is opened or closed. You should call us immediately in this situation.

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